IFDPA at Disneyland® Paris - Disney Magic
IFDPA, The International Festival of Dance and Performing Arts

The Disneyland Paris Experience
Escape to the heart of the Disney, Pixar, MARVEL and Star Wars universes that you love so much. Disneyland Paris is full of activities for all ages and all tastes!

Disneyland® Park
Watch in awe as Disney stories come alive across 5 magical lands. From the enchanting Sleeping Beauty Castle that's the centrepiece of Disneyland® Park, to the fun of the Wild West, right through to boldly venturing to the edge of the galaxy, you'll find a world of adventure and imagination in Disneyland Park. Each themed land offers a mix of rides, adventures and plenty of sparkle as you mingle with Princes and Princesses, board a pirate ship, hop in a space craft and more.

Magical Parades, Sparkling Shows
Watch your favourite characters come to life as they glide though Disneyland Park in sparkling splashes of colour, light and music - you'll love the carnival atmosphere of Disney Magic on Parade! Spectacular shows include the fairytale flight of fancy that's Disney Illuminations! an electrifying sound and light show with the Sleeping Beauty Castle at its centre.

Main Street, U.S.A. - your fairytale journey begins here!
As you enter Disneyland Park, immerse yourself in this charming American town inspired by the childhood home of Walt Disney, full of shops, restaurants and other hidden secrets. As you approach the end of the street, take in the magical view of the fairytale turrets of Sleeping Beauty Castle stretching up towards the sky.

Disneyland Park

Disney Stars on Parade
The streets of Main Street, U.S.A.® sparkle with this unmissable delight running daily in Disneyland® Park. Discover eight spellbinding universes as they glide past in colourful costumes—every element of an enchanting Disney story is here. Beware the fire-breathing dragon. Look out for Peter Pan duelling Captain Hook. Sing and dance with the Lion King and Jungle Book. And keep your eyes peeled for the Toy Story gang, Disney Princes and Princesses, and a flurry of Frozen fun.

Disney Illuminations
In this stunning celebration of classic and new Disney stories, gaze spellbound at Sleeping Beauty Castle as Mickey leads you through a dazzling display. Fireworks fizz through the night sky in a cluster of colour. Flames and water work in harmony to wow your senses. Lasers slice through the mists, and the castle seems to move under huge projections. The wonder of Disney is brought to life before your eyes, with favourite tales from Frozen, Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean and The Little Mermaid. It’s the perfect way to end a perfect day at Disneyland® Park, and a night-time spectacular you’ll never forget.

Travel to the four corners of the globe in Adventureland. Set sail with swashbuckling pirates over the high seas, explore the ancient ruins of a temple bursting with mysteries, go on a safari in the heart of Africa or follow Aladdin through the charmed streets of Agrabah. Come and explore this exotic land full of excitement, adventure and treasure!


Step into the retro future world of Discoveryland. The Force is strong in this corner of the Disneyland Park galaxy! Blast off into orbit on Star Wars: Hyperspace Mountain, battle with the Rebel Alliance against the evil Empire on Star Tours, or fans of Toy Story can join an intrepid crew to defeat Zurg in Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast.

Feel the magic of Disney fairy tales in Fantasyland! Just like in the classic Disney films, Fantasyland brings the tales and legends from your childhood to life. Take flight with Peter Pan, lose yourself in Alice's Curious Labyrinth or head to Princess Pavilion for a resplendently royal encounter.

Frontierland Conquer the West in Frontierland! Pull up your spurred boots and ride through the city of Thunder Mesa in search of the West's most famous saloons and attractions. Look out over Frontierland from the top of the haunted Big Thunder Mountain, or push open the creekiest door in the West and step inside Phantom Manor... if you dare!

Walt Disney Studios

Walt Disney Studios Park
Dive into the breathtaking worlds of Disney, Marvel and Pixar, where fantastic shows, attractions and special seasons will make you feel you're not watching movies, you're living them! There's fun and wonder for little ones and grown ups alike, so get ready to go on some unforgettable adventures.

Marvel Avengers Campus
Welcome to the MARVEL Universe, calling all heroes... assemble in an epic new land in Walt Disney Studios Park, where you’ll team up with the Avengers and take on the mightiest MARVEL missions!

Walt Disney Studios

Front Lot: Welcome to Hollywood!
From the Place des Frères Lumière to Disney Studio 1, the Golden Age of Hollywood and the magic of filmmaking are in the spotlight in this setting that pays homage to Walt Disney's early career in cinema.

Production Courtyard: the zone of possibilities!
Drop in on the abandoned Hollywood Tower Hotel, catch a musical performance with Disney Characters or strike a pose alongside Super Heroes... anything is possible in Production Courtyard!

Toon Studio: step into the colourful worlds of Disney animated classics!
You're not just watching movies... you're part of them! Fly over the Kingdom of Agrabah, experience unforgettable moments with Characters from Disney, Pixar and MARVEL... and much more!

Worlds of Pixar, where Pixar comes to life!
You’ve got a friend or two waiting for you in Worlds of Pixar at Disneyland Paris. Set foot in this Pixar land and you’ll be whisked off to colourful worlds full of attractions, shows, restaurants and characters straight from Ratatouille, Finding Nemo, Toy Story… and beyond!

Disney Village

Disney Village
Discover fun around the clock-and even up in the air-in an entertainment district that's like no other. Starting at the Disney Park gates and going until late, there's something for the whole family with shopping, restaurants, dancing, shows, a cinema and more.

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